Ambassador Program FAQ's

July 23, 2018

 We get a lot of questions about our ambassador program, we figured we would answer some, and give some info on the program itself!


We started our ambassador program a couple of years ago and are so grateful we did. Through the program we have been able to connect with amazing women all over the world who are pumped to be involved in Horseplay! We all work together in not only a team, but a family environment, sharing ideas as well as chit chatting about our horses and lives!


Some of the most frequently asked questions we've received recently:



"How can I become an ambassador?"

We (usually) run two ambassador searches per year, one that ends in late Feb/early March, and one that ends in late August/early September. You must submit an application through our website (found on the ambassador page), and if accepted into the program, you'll receive an e-mail once the search ends!