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Club Horseplay

A group of 6 people jumping and having fun all wearing the same horseplay apparel long sleeve hooded shirt


Club Horseplay is an annual paid membership for our absolute biggest fans, who just can't help having fun & are just as crazy about horses as we are.

The membership fee for the club year is $150 
  & will include all of the perks listed below.


Closeup image of 3 different horseplay apparel tshirts.

Welcome KIT

Each Club Horseplay Member will receive
a welcome kit
full of at least $150 of Horseplay goodies including members only products not available in our store.

Close up image of a t shirt with heathered grey body & purple collar and sleeves. Be Happy is printed in purple with the horseplay mascot horse logo acting as the H in Happy

Insider Info

Members will get inside information, sneak peeks and special discounts on the newest horseplay gear all year long.
Did we mention
members get 50% off
on their Birthday!?

Close up of black fabric with white stitching

Members Store

In addition to discounts
at our regular store
members will gain access to our members only shop which is full of exclusive items not available anywhere else!

4 friends smiling & laying in a circle on a Horseplay apparel blanket

Online Communnity

Join our online community where members can connect with each other as well as the Horseplay Team.  Share barn tips, learn new tricks & so much more.

Sign Ups are now Open!

Membership space is limited & will close
once available spaces have been filled.

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