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Club Horseplay: What's it all about?

Lately we've been getting tons of questions about our 2019 Club, so we figured we would compile and post them!

First of all, what is Club Horseplay?

Club Horseplay is basically an online, equestrian social club, that also comes with a membership kit packed with goodies!

Is there a fee associated with becoming a member, if so what is included?

Yes, the annual fee is $150, which includes a membership kit full of goodies worth at least that value, access to the members only online forums, sneak peeks, 50% off when you order on your birthday, etc.

What is in the club kit, and is it the same every year?

Each year the club kit has a new (surprise) assortment of items, some are members only exclusives, some are items that will later be added to our online store that members get sneak peeks/first looks at!

For example, the 2018 Club Kit included:

-Club Member's Card

-Members only soft shell jacket

-Members only sweatshirt blanket

-Members only t-shirt

-Club Keychain

-First look: sticker pack

-Club Horseplay Yeti

When will I receive my Club kit?

Club kits ship after the New Year, usually between the last week of January and second week of February. However, your online access should begin within 48 hours of sign-up (or once the new year begins, depending on when you sign up)!

Is there a limited time to sign up?

We allow for rolling admission until all spaces are filled, we close admissions when there are no spaces left!

How does the Birthday Discount work?

Each year that you are a member, you will receive a code for 50% off your order! The code must be used before midnight, when it expires!

How do I sign up?

Head over to the Club Horseplay page (link on top of the homepage of, and click on the sign up button!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us at!

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