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Ambassador Program FAQ's

We get a lot of questions about our ambassador program, we figured we would answer some, and give some info on the program itself!

We started our ambassador program a couple of years ago and are so grateful we did. Through the program we have been able to connect with amazing women all over the world who are pumped to be involved in Horseplay! We all work together in not only a team, but a family environment, sharing ideas as well as chit chatting about our horses and lives!

Some of the most frequently asked questions we've received recently:

"How can I become an ambassador?"

We (usually) run two ambassador searches per year, one that ends in late Feb/early March, and one that ends in late August/early September. You must submit an application through our website (found on the ambassador page), and if accepted into the program, you'll receive an e-mail once the search ends!

"What happens if I apply after a search has ended?"

We keep all applications on file for the next search! So don't worry, if you miss

one, we automatically enter you into the next one!

"Where do I find the ambassador application?" On the bottom of our "Ambassadors" page on the website! just click the "apply" button!

"If you run two searches a year, are the spring ambassadors out of the program once you accept fall ones?" Nope! We keep our ambassadors for as long as they wish to stay!

"How will I find out if I'm going to be an ambassador?"

You'll receive an e-mail to the address you provided on your application once the search ends, so please be sure it's one you check regularly!

"What does an ambassador do?"

Basically, an ambassador helps promote Horseplay by sharing their code, posting about Horseplay, and keeping their followers updated on sales & promotions, etc. We also have a GroupMe chat (optional) where out ambassadors can chat about anything, but also where we can bounce ideas off of each other!

"What does an ambassador get in return for promoting?"

We give each of our ambassadors their own 20% discount code to use at any time as many times as they wish. Throughout the year we also do special event

discounts for ambassadors only, and we also have a group chat with all the ambassadors in it! We also give prizes to the ambassadors whose codes are used the most throughout the year!

"Can I just e-mail or DM you my application?"

We receive hundreds of applications per search, so we really prefer to keep them all together so none slip through the cracks!

"Once I'm an ambassador, do I have to reapply each year/during each search?"

Nope! Once you're in you're in until you want out!

"Do you have to have a certain follower count to apply?"

Not at all, we look more for ambassadors that are driven and dedicated, rather than how many followers they have

"Do you have to be a certain age to apply?"

Nope! We have ambassadors of all ages on our team! We just ask that if you're a

junior, you run it by your parents first!

"Do I have to show to be considered?"

No, we have a variety of equestrian enthusiasts in our midst! Some are avid show riders, some just ride for pleasure!

"What's the difference between a sponsor and an ambassador?"

Usually a 'sponsored rider' is one that is given support, either in the form of financial support, or products. An ambassador is someone who embodies the values of the brand and promotes the brand, is a spokesperson for the brand, and receives a discount or free goods in exchange.

"Do you have to ride a specific discipline to apply/be considered?"

Definitely not! We have hunter/jumpers, dressage riders, barrel racers, pleasure riders, eventers, etc on our team!

"What are some different ways to promote Horseplay once I become an ambassador?"

There are a ton! You can create your own posts about the brand, or you can use/share ours. We post regularly on Facebook as well as Instagram (Insta stories are also awesome!). When we come out with sales, you can use our promos to share with your friends & family. We often create 'events' on Facebook when we are having special sales events and when we will be at horse shows and other events- you can RSVP to those and invite friends to help get the word out. If you have a special event at your local barn/show, you can

feel free to ask us to send you discount cards to hand out! We also sell banners on the website, you can hang them on your stall at home, at the show, in your tack room, etc. We find that the ambassadors that have the easiest time are ones that own a piece of Horseplay clothing that they can take pictures in or of! We also welcome new ideas and love hearing from our ambassadors about what they find to be successful/unsuccessful.

Thinking about applying but have a question that wasn't answered here? E-mail us (, we would be happy to help!

We hope you'll consider applying!

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