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10 Facts About Horseplay

Here's some quick Horseplay Trivia for you!

Our logo was first drawn on a Post-It note!

Once we knew the name of the business, we started doodling some logo concepts, trying to incorporate an "h" or "hp" and a horse. A quick sketch later, and our first version of the logo was born!

Horseplay was created by a graphic designer and a riding instructor!

Back in 2011, Megan (riding instructor) and Eric (graphic designer) had been dating for a while, and came up with the idea to mesh their professions and create a clothing line for equestrians! Flash forward 7 years and they are married and what started as a hobby has become a full time job! Megan now knows more about screen printing than she ever thought possible, and Eric can answer more questions about horses than he would like to admit!

We own our own print shop!

Eric has a screen printing business, New York Ink & Thread, which made the transition into starting Horseplay that much easier. We design, print, and ship everything ourselves! Be sure to keep an eye out for behind the scenes Instagram & Snapchat stories!

We draw inspiration from the world around us!

We love to spend time outdoors, whether it's at the barn or horse show, or on a hike. We tend to soak up the environment around us, and put our own spin on it. For example, our Nautical shirt was inspired by our hometown of Long Island, NY. Long Island has tons of horses and boats, and one of our favorite places to clear our heads and dream up designs is by the water!

We love meeting & speaking to our customers and ambassadors!

We are so grateful that we have so many customers and ambassadors that are as passionate about Horseplay as we are! We love meeting all of you in person, and we love getting comments and messages online!

Our first logo and colors weren't pink & grey...

In 2011, we started with a chocolate and light pink theme. In 2012 we lost our print shop in Hurricane Sandy. We regrouped, got a new shop, and redesigned with our pink & grey theme.

We LOVE music of all kinds!

Depending on what stage of the process we're in, what we're playing in the office changes. When we're being creative and designing, we're often listening to relaxing, calming tunes like Maroon 5, Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra, and sometimes even classical music. When we're printing, we like to play music that gets us pumped, like 90's pop & rap, or country music like Florida Georgia Line, Sam Hunt, or Old Dominion.

We're always evolving..

We love experimenting with new fabrics, styles, fun new items, and new printing

techniques. We strive to have high quality products, and love continuing our education in our field!

Some of our favorite activities outside of work are...

Riding (of course!), hiking, drawing/painting, camping, reading, snowboarding, exploring, pretty much anything outdoors or creative!

We believe in teamwork!

We truly believe that teamwork makes the dream work. We love our ambassador team and hearing their input, we love working with other brands and companies, and are grateful for all of their advice and collaboration throughout the years. It has been our pleasure to work with so many amazing people over the past 7 years, we can't wait to see what the future holds!

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