10 Facts About Horseplay

June 4, 2018

Here's some quick Horseplay Trivia for you!

Our logo was first drawn on a Post-It note!

Once we knew the name of the business, we started doodling some logo concepts, trying to incorporate an "h" or "hp" and a horse.  A quick sketch later, and our first version of the logo was born!



Horseplay was created by a graphic designer and a riding instructor!

Back in 2011, Megan (riding instructor) and Eric (graphic designer) had been dating for a while, and came up with the idea to mesh their professions and create a clothing line for equestrians! Flash forward 7 years and they are married and what started as a hobby has become a full time job! Megan now knows more about screen printing than she ever thought possible, and Eric can answer more questions about horses than he would like to admit!



We own our own prin