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Meet Our Horses: Bliss

Name: Bliss

Show Name: Bliss

Rider/Owner: Veronica (loaner); Arianah (owner)

Breed: Norweigian Dole (Dølahest, Tungdøl)

Height: 15.2hh (154 cm)

Favorite Treats: Carrots

Currently Showing In: Hopefully showing in Dressage in 2018!

Favorite Activity: Go crazy in the riding ring with her donkey friend, Teline.

Funny Personality Traits: She LOVES water! And when she gets feed in water, she dips her whole head in and makes funny noises.

Bio: Bliss is born in May 2002, which makes her 16 this year. She is a steady horse, but can sometimes spook from funny things like a big snow man or a hole in the road. She adores kiddos and she is a gentle mare. Her bestie is the donkey, Teline, and where Bliss goes Teline goes, and where Teline goes, Bliss goes. If they can choose. She used to be a horse that walked tourists in the mountain and when her owner rode her in one of those hacks she fell in love with her gentle being, and bought her.

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