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Ambassador Interviews: Harley on IEA

Harley is from our home state of NY, where she participates on an IEA Team. We were able to catch up with her on what it's like to be on a team, and her goals!

Horseplay: You participate in IEA, what is your favorite part of being on a team?

Harley: My favorite part of being on the IEA team would have to be either getting to ride so many different horses, or being part of a team where we can support each other.

Horseplay: What do you feel are some of the benefits of IEA? How do you feel

it's helping you grow as a rider?

Harley: Some benefits of IEA are that I get to try riding a bunch of new horses, although I already ride a few different horses at my barn. IEA gives me a chance to try a bunch of different horses that might not be like the horses I ride regularly. It helps me grow because I get the opportunity to try new horses and learn how to deal with different horses.

Horseplay: Do you have any goals for this IEA season?

Harley: My goals for this year are to be a little more relaxed, last year I got a little stressed with doing well. I want to relax myself, and I think in doing so it will help me get better also.

Horseplay: Definitely a good horse showing goal to have! Do you have any favorite IEA shows, or horses?

Harley: I don't really have a favorite IEA horse, but my favorite IEA show would probably be my "home" show, which is at a barn called Crosswinds that is partnered with my barn to form our IEA team. Crosswinds is my favorite because the indoor is warmer than some other barns so it's a lot nicer in the winter!

Horseplay: How often does your team practice?

Harley: My team usually practices the week before a show, there will be an IEA lesson that people can go to. However, I lesson twice a week outside of IEA, and I go to the barn almost every day so now and then I'll get the chance to maybe walk-trot another horse at the barn.

Horseplay: Do you have any favorite memories with your teammates either at home or at a show?

Harley: I don't have a specific favorite memory from IEA, I like being with everyone and we have fun, but I don't really have a specific favorite memory. Outside of IEA, my current favorite memory would probably be National PHA Finals from the end of this past October. I had a lot of fun with some of the girls

from my barn, and it was an amazing experience!

Thanks Harley! We loved hearing all about your IEA team and goals! Wishing you much success in the remainder of the season!

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