Ambassador Interviews: Abby on College & the IHSA Team!

November 6, 2017

We were lucky to grab a few minutes of Abby's time to be able to talk to her

 about the first few months of college, the tryout process for an IHSA team, and more! 


Horseplay: What made you decide to pursue an equine degree in college?


Abby: I never really knew what I wanted to do in college, I was always going in between degrees in biology, environmental science and geology, something that would fund my equestrian career as I aged. Eventually I took a tip from my guidance counselor and started looking into Equine Science degrees but I didn't want to be a trainer or a barn manager, I wanted to do something new and innovative. I found the rehabilitation program at Morrisville State College. It was new and different and one of the few in the country. I knew I wanted to do that when I researched the major more. I have always loved horses and have wanted to do something useful in the industry. I found my niche with rehabilitation.


Horseplay: How are you adjusting to life in the dorm? DO you have any tips for current high school juniors and seniors as they apply?