What It's Really Like to Own a Clothing Line, and What I've Learned Along The Way.. Part 2

June 28, 2019

I wrapped up Part 1 touching upon creating new, seasonal lines, and the timing of it all. What I didn't talk about, was where in the world all these ideas come from, how we choose which ones make the final cut, and what it's like to be an artist/have an art based job.


Some of what I've learned about art & being an artist (which is still hard to think of myself as, although I suppose it's true) over the past few years, is that while we both have moments, hours, days, weeks, where the creativity is flowing, we can also have the same amount of time where being creative can be a struggle. I've learned that instead of straining to create something just to create it, I should take it as it comes. When I'm in a creative spurt, I try to roll with it and allow myself the time to do something with it, whether it's a primitive sketch, or a completed design. When I'm not, I try to not make myself badly about it, instead I work on another task that is equally as important to the business, like pricing new items; working on the website; working on the books and analytics of the business; or organizing the print shop. 



I've discovered that I'm heavily influenced by my surroundings, that they directly affect my art and ability to create it, and so I've become very conscious of what they are. I surround myself with people that I love, I make time to be outside and be exploring, I listen to music that inspires and energizes me, you never know when inspiration may hit!