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Meet Our Horses: Jenny!

Name: Jenny

Show Name: Genesee

Rider/Owner: Krysta Denboer

Breed: Canadian Sport Horse

Height: 17.2hh

Favorite Treats: Carrots, apples, peppermints

Currently Showing In: Hunters/


Favorite Activity: Jumping, getting massages, rolling

Funny Personality Traits: Jenny lip nibbles and gives soft licks if she really likes you. She will smile for peppermints, she is terrified of the green garbage can in the hay shelter, and she loves coffee!

Bio: Jenny is a 12 year old Canadian Sport Horse out of Gervantus II. I purchased her last year and have been in love ever since. We've been focusing our time on the hunter/jumper ring. We've been jumping around 2'3"-2'6" and she's just starting to figure out her flying changes. We've placed in every class we've shown in, this girl really likes to perform! She always greets me at the gate, puts 110% into everything, and is just all around loving. She's got a huge head and an even bigger heart!

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