Ambassador Interview: Shannon on Being a Professional Groom!

March 15, 2018

We were very excited to catch up with Shannon about her busy life as a professional groom! Shannon is incredibly gifted at clipping horses, often creating beautiful, intricate designs. (Check out her instagram @radiant_clips)


Horseplay: How did you begin your grooming and clipping career?


Shannon: I guess for myself, when I evented I couldn't afford to keep paying people to braid and clip for me, so I learned how to braid when I was about 14, and started clipping when I was 16 or 17 when someone let me borrow their clippers. Then I started asking around my barn to see if anyone wanted their horse clipped to make a little extra money. The more I did, the

 better I got, and the more people wanted me to clip for them! My grooming career REALLY kicked off when I worked for Allie Knowles and was even recognize