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What Do We Look For In Ambassadors?

We are often asked about our ambassador program, what it takes to be an ambassador for Horseplay, and what we look for in an ambassador, so we figured we would answer some of those questions!

The application process:

We typically run two "Ambassador Searches" per year, one in the fall (usually Oct.) and one in the spring (usually March), although applications are always open on our website. If you apply once one of our searches ends, don't worry! We save those applications in a folder for our next search.

We will post a date that our search will end, and e-mails will be sent out to those who have been accepted! If you weren't accepted this time around, don't take it to heart, we receive hundreds of applications and have limited spots, please feel free to apply to a future search!

What do we look for?

When we go through applications, the ones that stand out are the applications that show some of the core values of our company: passion, excitement, happiness, and dedication. Our ambassadors enjoy working in a team environment, are outgoing, friendly, positive role models, as well as dedicated equestrians of varying disciplines.

What is it like to be a Horseplay ambassador, and how big of a role do the ambassadors have?

Once you become an ambassador, we have requirements that are pretty easy to fulfill, and plenty of perks! (completely detailed in our earlier blog post, which can be read here).

We like to make our ambassadors feel appreciated, because we certainly appreciate all their help! We enjoy hearing their opinions, ideas, and thoughts on the brand. We currently have an ambassador group chat run through GroupMe that includes the ambassadors, as well as brand owner. It's very important to us that our ambassadors feel comfortable approaching us, not just in the chat, but also privately. One of our favorite parts of the program is being able to talk to so many different people from all over the world, and connect & bond with them over our favorite subject!

We like to send our ambassadors sneak peeks, as well as ask their opinions on potential upcoming items & events! We have added items to our line that were suggestions by our ambassadors, (i.e. PopSockets!) so don't feel shy about sharing your ideas!

We also have a snapchat (@horseplayapp) that ambassadors takeover, as well as an ambassador Instagram (@horseplayambassadors). We always enjoy a unique view into different riding styles, barns, shows, etc. in various locations all over the world! Our ambassadors are also featured on the ambassador page of our website!

Is there anything that is unacceptable as an ambassador or an applicant?

As an applicant, the biggest red flag for us is the request for free items. Our ambassadors receive a free item in celebration of their share code being used the first time, and we do run ambassador-only contests throughout the year, but assuming or requesting free items before you're even in the program is a big turn off to us. It might be unintentional, but it seems like you're interested for the wrong reasons.

We have NO PLACE for bullying of any kind in our program! We encourage positive communication and teamwork. Other no nos include underage drinking & cursing.

How long is an ambassador on the team?

Barring any reasons for being released from the team (refer to the blog post linked above), ambassadors are welcome to stay on our team permanently!

Unlike some other programs, we don't put a time limit on your term as an

ambassador. We have had some ambassadors since the start of the program years ago,! We also totally understand that other commitments such as college and families come first, and if an ambassador needs to leave the team, we have a "no hard feelings" policy.

Is there an age requirement?

Nope! We encourage any and all to apply!!

Do you have to show, or participate in a particular discipline?

No! We are very proud to have ambassadors that participate in a wide range of disciplines, including: hunter/jumpers, eventing, barrel racing, dressage, and those that just ride for pleasure! We have riders that show from the schooling level, to the A circuit and everything in between, and some that don't show at all!

We love our Horseplay family, and we look forward to continuing to add to our team! We hope you will consider joining us! If you have any questions please e-mail us at

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