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Meet Our...Donkey! Meet Teline!

Name: Teline

Show Name: If she showed, her show name should be Ms. Teline the Loud Donkey

Rider/Owner: Arianah and her son are the owners, Ingrid & Veronica are loaners

Breed: Grey Donkey

Height: She doesn't like her height or weight to be mentioned, but her ears are about 30 cm long!

Favorite Treat: Carrots, but she also appreciates the banana treats from Jacson

Currently Showing In: If warning EVERYONE when it's feeding time with her loud noise is considered showing.. she is brilliant! I don't know if we can show a donkey in Norway, but we are going to join local (non-license) dressage and jumping classes. She can also pull a cart and she won a competition in that!

Favorite Activity: Running around like a maniac with Bliss in the riding ring. She also enjoys the activity singing and making sure her and Bliss' feed are made the right way.

Funny Personality Traits: You can actually tell if her donkey sounds are sad or

happy. She also loves kisses and she asks for them.

Bio: Teline was born in 2007, but we don't know which month. She is the whole barn's little mascot, and she is adored by everyone. Teline is quite stubborn, she knows what she wants and is not afraid to tell you, and she does tell it, LOUDLY! Teline can be ridden, and she can pull a cart. She is so calm that a bomb can go off right beside her and she would react 10 minutes later. BUT if she wants to go home during a hack, she pretends to be scared and run home... no matter how hard her rider tries to stop her. We don't know much of her backstory, but we do love her in the home she is in now. She adores and is loved by her 9 (soon to be 10) year old rider, Ingrid, who started to loan her last year. She has taught Ingrid a lot and one day when Ingrid looks back on her starting riding career, she is going to remember Teline. The stubborn, lovable, hard working, and multi-talented donkey!

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