Meet Our...Donkey! Meet Teline!

February 28, 2018

Name: Teline


Show Name: If she showed, her show name should be Ms. Teline the Loud Donkey


Rider/Owner: Arianah and her son are the owners, Ingrid & Veronica are loaners


Breed: Grey Donkey


Height: She doesn't like her height or weight to be mentioned, but her ears are about 30 cm long!


Favorite Treat: Carrots, but she also appreciates the banana treats from Jacson



Currently Showing In: If warning EVERYONE when it's feeding time with her loud noise is considered showing.. she is brilliant! I don't know if we can show a donkey in Norway, but we are going to join local (non-license) dressage and jumping classes. She can also pull a cart and she won a competition in that!


Favorite Activity: Running around like a maniac with Bliss in the riding ring. She also enjoys the activity singing and making sure her and Bliss' feed are made the right way.