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Meet Our Horses: No Bling Required

Name: Gracie

Show Name: No Bling Required

Rider/Owner: JoBeth Scarlett

Breed: Appendix Quarter Horse

Height: 16.2 hh

Favorite Treats: Miss Pasture's Cookies

Currently Showing In: Planning to show in the Hunters and Equitation

Favorite Activity: She LOVES jumping, like loves it! However, if allowed, she would probably eat all the time.

Funny Personality Traits: She's goofy once she gets to know you, like she's super cuddly and dorky. But, if she doesn't know you, she can be kind of stand off-ish.

Bio: Gracie is the 3rd horse I've owned and 4th horse I've shown. She's a grey AQHA registered mare and has Coats N Tails on her Sire's side. She's super cuddly for a mare, and will actually leave her hay to come see me if she hears my voice.

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