Ambassador Interviews: JoBeth on Finding a New Horse

February 5, 2018

Our ambassador, JoBeth, joined our team from Tennessee! She has recently been

shopping for a new horse, and was able to chat with us on the process, as well as knowing she found the one!


Horseplay: What made you decide you needed a new mount?


JoBeth: Well, my former show partner had to be retired due to injury and I wanted to finish out my last few youth years. And nothing my trainer had really "fit" with me and what I was looking for, so the horse hunt began.


Horseplay: What was your shopping process like?


JoBeth: It felt like it took forever. I had begun shopping before we even knew about having to retire my old horse, but once the serious shopping began it was definitely frustrating. Mostly because nothing I was finding seemed to fit what I was looking for, or they were way out of my price range. Everything had something I couldn't get past, or didn't even catch my eye off the video. It was rough to say the least, I felt like I was never going to find a horse.


Horseplay: How did you end up finding Gracie, and knowing the was the one?


JoBeth: This is actually quite the story. So, I had been scrolling through a sale group on Facebook and saw a comment that my mom had replied to asking for more info on the horse. This is about 2 months into serious horse shopping. And so I decided to scroll through the comment section of this post just to see if anything caught my eye. And then I found Gr