Ambassador Interviews: Madisen on Goals

January 9, 2018

Madisen joins our team from Texas where she and her Hanoverian mare, Panache, participate in eventing!


Horseplay: Hey Madisen! Tell us about some of your goals for the future with your riding.


Madisen:  Well I would love to go to the 2020 Olympics for Eventing, and my all time goal is to compete in every equestrian sport in the Olympics.


Horseplay: That's awesome! What kind of training are you doing to prepare?


Madisen: I started riding when I was 12, so I got a late start, but I have jumped right back in with my age group and I am training with an Eventing trainer that has an extensive resume in Eventing. I am getting a new horse soon and I hope they will either be my Olympic mount or take me to the level I need to be at. I also focus a lot on my Dressage work, as it comes as the basis for pretty much every equine activity.