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Horseplay Holiday Gift Guide 2017!

Shopping for holiday gifts can seem overwhelming, especially for those hard-to-shop-for friends or relatives. We hope our holiday gift guide can serve as a source of inspiration and help alleviate some holiday stress! Check out some of our ideas for the equestrians in your life!

Your Barn Friend:

Treat your riding buddy to a snuggly sweatshirt, like our Property Of: Horseplay crewneck to keep them comfy-cozy while they spend hours at the barn this winter! Or perhaps your barn friend LOVES coffee (who doesn't, right?) a Starbuck Equestrian or Buck N' Go Nuts tee shirt might be right up their alley, depending on which is their favorite coffee stop! For the friend that is always multitasking, dropping their phone, or watching videos on their phone, the Horseplay PopSocket is a perfect option. We also offer gift cards, so they can shop at their leisure online!

A Rider That Loves To Show:

Let them display their favorite Sunday pastime with our Sunday Funday flowy longsleeve! Soft and stylish, it can be worn with boots and breeches for an afternoon hack, or with jeans or leggings to go out shopping!

Our Eyes Up, Heels Down sweater is stylish and offers a subtle reminder on the wrists, of four words we all know are super important for successful riding! Clean and professional, it's perfect for lessoning, clinics, or warming up at the horse show!

Perhaps they need something to add to their show day grooming kit? Our Muzzle & Boot towels come complete with a clip that hooks right on to a grooming kit or backpack, making ringside touch-ups super easy, and missing rags a thing of the past!

The Barn Parent:

They're always there to support us, throughout lessons and horse shows, in hot weather, cold weather, rain, sun, and everything in between. Treat that awesome parent to a Show Mom or Show Dad shirt! The back is complete with a list of all of the tasks they so flawlessly perform for us- everything from grabbing a number from the show office to having a pocketful of peppermints for our well deserving mounts!

The Trainer:

Our trainers are always there for us. They are a constant in our riding lives, and most wear many hats, including: therapist, friend, and sometimes even miracle worker! They work their hardest to make sure our horses and ourselves are always learning and progressing. They stand out in the freezing cold and baking heat, pull long hours at the barn, sometimes even overnights when our horses are sick. But what to get them as a thank you? Something practical for time spent at the barn could be a Chase Your Dreams Sweatshirt. With the stylish funnel neck, they will stay snuggly and warm whether they're riding, teaching, or working in the barn. It's a great layer, plus with the funnel neck they won't have to worry about remembering a scarf!

Perhaps you'd rather treat your trainer to something cozy to cuddle in after a long day at the barn? One of our sweatshirt blankets could be the ticket! Even better, pair it with a set of pajamas, or sweatpants so they can warm up in front of a fire or movie in total comfort!

The Barn Kid:

We all know those kids, most of us were them when we were younger! The kids that love horses, and could spend entire days at the barn or horse show. We have several t-shirt options that make it easy for them to display their passion at the barn or at school! Looking for a snuggly winter option? Check out our Let It Snow PJ set, which also comes in ladies' sizes for an adorable Mommy & Me gift!

Ideas for any Equestrian:

For many of us, our entire life revolves around our horses. Our lives are literally "Eat, Sleep, Ride, Repeat." Well we have just the sweatshirt for that! The half zip front allows the hoodie to safely be taken off or put on over your helmet! The best part? It's available in three fun colors!

Perfect for lessons and clinics, our polo shirt options are made from performance fabric that specializes in keeping your cool and comfortable, so you can perform your best!

For the rider that prefers a relaxed, comfortable fit for at the barn or at home, our flower logo and pom pom jerseys offer unparalleled comfort!

Have questions about any of our products? E-mail us at, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have! Happy Shopping!

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