Ambassador Interviews: Veronica on Being an Equestrian in Norway!

October 19, 2017

We were lucky to be able to sit down with our ambassador, Veronica, who joins us all the way from Norway! We were able to talk to her about some of the differences between being an equestrian in Norway vs. the US!


Horseplay: What has it been like for you to join the Horseplay team from all the way in Norway?


Veronica: Being welcomed into the Ambassador


family has been beyond exciting! What a great bunch of people! Even though we are from different countries, states, or from different parts of the world, we are one big family and I'm so happy to be a part of it. A whole new horse world of showing has opened up, wish we had so much of that in Norway. Then it would be easier to promote Horseplay Apparel in person, but I do my best in social media. 


Horseplay: Tell us about a typical day at your barn?


Veronica: A typical day at the barn is arriving after work, around 5 pm. I usually start my chores right away, I like to not have that to think about when I'm on a hack or do flatwork.. Right now at wintertime it usually gets pretty dark here around 6pm, then I usually do the stalls and then do the feed when I get back in.


The days when I'm off work I actually spend hours at the barn. We have so many amazing people at our bar. It's a grown up environment, but we also have youngsters who come around for lessons. When we all have those days, we do our chores and then use some hours just talking and laughing, a lot! If