Ambassador Interviews: Izzy on the Switch from Saddle Seat to Eventing!

October 17, 2017

Izzy joins us from Georgia! We were so excited to sit down with her to discuss


the change from Saddle Seat to Eventing!


Horseplay: You and your horse, Lucky, have begun training for Eventing. What drew you to Eventing as the equestrian sport you wanted to pursue together?


Izzy: Well, I was probably about eight years old when I first heard of the discipline Eventing. I remember seeing the cross country phase and thinking "whoa, that looks pretty fun" After Lucky and I retired from Saddleseat after our horse accident he was in pretty bad shape. After a year of rehabbing him, in the summer of 2016, one day I decided "hey, wonder if he would like to jump?" So, I set up a pole about 10 inches off the ground and Lucky cleared it on his first try by a couple of feet. That was the day we realized he really had a love for jumping, something you don't see in a lot of Saddlebreds. At this point I had been friends with ambassador Mira Figliozzi (one of my best friends) for a few months. She brought up Eventing one day, and after thinking about it I thought Lucky and I could definitely give it a whirl. Dressage has been a struggle for him, but he is catching on very quickly and is willing to learn. Jumping of course has given him very little problems, and he is ready to soar to new heights!