Ambassador Interviews: Brynn on Horse Showing!

Brynn is from our home state of NY! She competes on the A & AA circuit in the pony hunters.

Horseplay: You and your pony, Rock Lobster, have competed in shows all over the country! Do you have a favorite show?

Brynn: Definitely the Washington International Horse Show

Horseplay: What makes that one your favorite?

Brynn: The fact that it's in the middle of Washington D.C., the stalls are built in the street so when you're walking around, pedestrians come and take pictures of your horses. It's also an invitational so only the top 20 riders in the country (in your specific division) get to compete! You also compete in the Verizon Wireless Stadium which is really cool!

Horseplay: Your family is very involved in the horse industry, what is that like for


Brynn: It's really great! Having my whole family travel to horse shows with me and help with them everyday! It's really cool, I get to share so much time with them and so many memories!

Horseplay: What has been your favorite family horse show moment so far?

Brynn: Usually when I have a great trip or I win a big award it's nice to share it with them & thank them at the same time

Horseplay: What would be your advice to someone showing at an A or AA rated show for the first time?

Brynn: Confidence is always very important to have when you are doing anything for the first time! Also don't be afraid to ask questions to people you know that show regularly on the A/AA circuit, & if you have a question about the rules, don't be afraid to look it up on USEF!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Brynn! We are excited to watch your horse show career!

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