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Ambassador Interviews: Ali on Finding a New Barn

Ali originally joined our ambassador team from Pennsylvania. She has recently relocated to New York. We were lucky to be able to sit down and talk with her about what it's like to find a new barn and trainer, and what being the "new kid" at the barn is like.

Horseplay Apparel: Earlier this year, you relocated to our hometown of Long Island, NY! What was your process for finding a new barn?

Ali: I originally searched online, not having much luck because you can't tell much about a barn online. I then visited my school, and mentioned that I ride horses. I got lucky, and they recommended my current trainer and I visited/toured my current barn and loved it. Finding a new barn is generally a difficult process but for me it wasn't.

Horseplay Apparel: That's great! You also have a new horse, Candy. Tell us a little bit about him

Ali: I have had Candy, AKA Candy Crush for almost 6 months now. He had been imported from Europe about a week before I tried him. He is an 8 year old grey gelding by Cassini, a popular sire in Europe. He has the best personality, he is very sweet like a puppy, and he loves the hunter ring!

Horseplay Apparel: What do you show in together?

Ali: We currently show in the 2'6" Pre-Children's, and we are soon moving up to the Children's Hunter Horse. I also got a new horse in August, Farandi.

Horseplay Apparel: Congrats! What's your plan with that horse?

Ali: I will end up doing the Children's Hunters on him and hopefully in a year or so go higher and do Junior Hunters

Horseplay Apparel: Did you find it difficult to be the "new kid" at the barn?

Ali: Anticipation was probably the hardest part. As for the actual adjustment, I found it pretty easy because everyone is super nice and they welcomed me with open arms.

Horseplay Apparel: What do you love about your new barn family?

Ali: That's pretty hard to answer because there are so many great things about my barn!

Horseplay Apparel: If you had any advice to give others out there searching for a new barn, or nervous to start riding at a new barn, what would it be?

Ali: I would say that anticipation is the hardest part of being new in any situation. Try not to sweat, and in most situations you will likely find someone who will welcome you or show you around. Also, don't be shy in new situations.

Thanks for sitting down with us, Ali! We are so excited to see your progress with your new horses!!

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