5.4 oz. 100% Cotton Tie-Dye
​​​​​​​Campers are encouraged to wear these shirts to camp each day.
Please allow a few weels for orders to be fullilled. As these items are made to order there will be no refunds or exchanges. Please be very careful in your choice of size.

TSH Camp Tee (Early Starters)

  • Each camper enrolled gets 2 free camp shirts.

    If you have not already recieved your camp shirts you can redeem them by following these steps:
    Place 2 shirts in your cart.
    Use the coupon code "1Camper" at checkout.

    If you have 2 campers enrolled:
    Place 2 shirts per camper in the cart (4 total) & use code "2 Camper"

    If you have 3 or 4 campers enrolled Repeat the steps & use "3 Camper" or "4 Camper"

    All purchases will be verified before they are fufilled & if you have used an incorrect code for your situation the order will be cancelled.

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